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In Mississippi, there are two statute of limitations that can be quite confusing. There is a one year and a two year statute. If you fail to file your claim within the appropriate time frame, depending on your circumstances, your claim for benefits may be barred by the statute of limitations and you may not be eligible to receive income replacement disability benefits, medical compensation or even death benefits. Please check out this video where we give a little more insight on the statute of limitations with regard to workers’ compensation.

As per Mississippi law, disability in the workplace is defined by the “incapacity because of injury to earn the wages which the employee was receiving at the time of injury in the same or other employment, which incapacity and the extent must be supported by medical finding.” In this video, we talk about the two most common types of injury as it pertains to workers’ compensation.

Workers’ Compensation is essentially a no fault insurance plan mandated by Mississippi State Law, supervised by the Workers’ Compensation Commission, and paid for entirely by employers. In this video, we talk about exactly who owes you benefits and to what extent.

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